When internet was introduced, business owners started using internet advertising to take their business to new and unexplored levels. Now, smart phones are recreating advertising world. The number of smart mobile phone users is increasing and every user is interested in knowing information that is sent to his phone. Advertising world is now focusing on getting smart mobile phone users through the apps that these users frequently use.

app installsAppvertising is the new rage where advertising is mixed with apps. iPhone users constantly use apps because these apps make their life more convenient. In the mobile marketing field, appvertising is the new entry that is growing at a faster pace. Mobile marketing is allowed to explore new ways of marketing as the number of apps in the Apple iTunes store has crossed one million.

Consumers are using their iPhones to download iPhone apps and they spend a lot of time with the apps. The target audience for iPhone apps is huge and it is prime time for advertisers to talk about their business to this massive audience. App developers are also willing to let advertisers to display their ads so that developers can generate passive income from their apps. Statistics show that about 6% of users who view apps ads respond to the ads as opposed to only 0.2% who respond to direct mail advertising. These figures encourage advertisers to use mobile medium to advertise their business.

Branded apps for iPhones are now very popular. Many popular brands create customer loyalty by presenting indulging apps for iPhones. Audi, a well known car brand created A4 driving challenge game app advertising which encourages iPhone users to use accelerometer of iPhone to drive the car. These branded apps became quickly popular among iPhone users as entertainment apps.

In-application advertising is the best way to create brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. Any local business can create prospects and leads using appvertising. Today many companies allows iPhone users to search for city specialties. Advertisers can use these platforms to create awareness about their stores to the users.

iPhone users are always on the lookout to find unique apps. The platform for advertising has just broadened with appvertising. The concept of giving free giveaways has helped businesses for several years and this concept is revolutionized by iPhone apps.

Any business that needs to get in touch to common consumers can benefit greatly with freemium business model. Understanding how your business allows you to giveaway free stuff and hitting the nail on the head will help you reap benefits for the following years by developing a large customer base.

I was truly amazed at the Dream Walk iPhone application on my trip to America. I got hooked on to the some of the products offered by the advertisers with the Dream Walk GPS application. You can go on their website to find more details.