It was windy and there were problems with one of the attempted landings. Chase plane confirmed gear was damagedOnce back in the air, an indicator went off signaling that the landing gear was damaged and wasn't locking properly. Various problems cropped upThere were a few other things that went wrong, the report says.

The student banged his knee while ejecting and was dragged by his parachute for 37 metres after landing. Ironically, the instructor had been planning to practice forced landings on that day, but was instead assigned for the pilot training run. The pre flight briefing lasted only 10 minutes, compared to the usual 30.

A chase plane was brought in to inspect the gear, confirming there was damage, and after some discussion, it was determined it wouldn't be safe to attempt another landing. Later, there was another incident involving the ambulance with the student pilot inside.

The plane touched down momentarily in a "hard landing", with the landing gear and nose touching the runway, but then the instructor aborted and pulled up. The plane rolled a few times in an attempt to fix the landing gear, but while doing so, a door fell off in the vicinity of the chase plane.

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Most EMT Paramedic training programs can take up to two years to complete because students must first earn their EMT Basic and Intermediate certifications. The instructor and the student pilot ejected and the plane crashed in an empty field. Finished second to Patrick Kane this year.